Meet The Team

Hey, Sarah and Austin here! We are a husband and wife Photography and Videography team. Ever since we found our passion for creating, we knew that is what we wanted to do for the long haul. What started out as a hobby we had in common when we were dating has grown every step of the way along our relationship into a thriving business. Now that we are married and running our business full time, we made a promise to always treat each other and our job as if we were dating. We like to keep the adventure alive, stay hustling to make things work and never stop laughing and having fun. 

Our job is more than just a job to us.

We believe in relationships.

We believe in your relationship, in our relationship and the relationship we will have with you. Capturing love is our favorite thing to do; we achieve that by KNOWING YOU.

So lets be friends! We want to share gut bursting laughs and little adventures. When our time has passed, all that will be left of us is pictures, videos and stories. Lets make yours epic.

Keepin' Up With The Jones'

Sarah - The Photographer

Sarah specializes in photography. She has been doing it since she was 17! She loves to watch The Office and go on hikes in her spare time. Working out and learning are 2 of her favorite things. She is the queen of dumb jokes and strongly believes in the idea of leaving people happier than you found them.

Harlow - The Magic Maker

This is our little Pup! She’s about 1 year old and brings light wherever she goes! We never knew a dog could make us laugh till we cried until we met this little cutie! She loves to go on adventures (especially to the mountains!) and can be brought to shoots upon request!

Austin - The Videographer

Austin specializes in videography. Throughout his teenage years he would make fun videos with his friends, but after he got married he turned a hobby into a career. He loves all things sports, camping and adventures! Traveling is his favorite activity.