Hot and Humid Texas Wedding || Kesia + Jake


[…] The dances are one of our favorite parts of a wedding day. It gives the couple and their families a chance to be together and show each other love and gratitude on a day that changes the life of everyone in the family. CHOOSE A SONG THAT’S SPECIAL TO YOU! If you and your dad used to listen to 70s disco music together, you can totally use that as the song you dance to! If you’re scared that it’s gonna be embarrassing, who the heck cares! This is a moment about you and your dad! One of the BEST mother and son dances we saw was earlier this summer in Texas. They started off slow dancing and surprised EVERYONE with a choreographed dance to a mashup of several of their favorite songs! We all died laughing and by the end, we were all crying because it was so cute! […]